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Monday, April 17, 2006

Opposing the closest

How does it feel to have the whole family against what you are doing? I can tell you that it is kinda like you no longer belong to this house anymore. Seriously you will feel like moving out from it. Well, escaping is the easiest way out isn't it. Arrggg! This is tough to go through! Maybe I should call this the transition period. The famous story of the moth may be the best way to describe what I am going through. I really long for understanding but I know it will not happen now. This gonna take years... Looking at the situation, I think I am really helpless. And I hate to be in a position where there is nothing I can do. Well, I think everyone feels the same way, everyone want to be in control and when you don't, you feel lost! No matter how bad is the suitation now, I gonna believe that things will iron out fine someday. I am going to stand strong in faith and continue to pray...

[God] has restored our relationship with him through Christ, and has given us the ministry of restoring relationships.
2 Corinthians 5:18

Monday, April 10, 2006

My birthday wish

Church service today was fantastic for me, I felt a strong emotion in me as I was singing the songs. It just seems to reignited the fire in me. I can only describe this feeling as hunger. I had been thinking about certain phases in the bible and had questioning how much faith do I have. I had yet to be tested I guess. There was a leaflet in the bulletine today asking for bone marrow donation. This thought just came to my mind, the best way to step up in faith now is to register for this bone marrow donation. Bone marrow donation had been something that I always wanted to do, but have not gotten the chance and courage to do it before. Yes, i admit I am afraid if I am choosen for the donation. But this is the best time to lay my life in God's hand and step up in faith. For I hope my bone marrow can really save someone's life, and when it does God is with me.

This coming Good Friday is my birthday, and I couldn't find any better chance for me to tell my Mom about my wish to be water baptized. For I had been praying for the chance and best time to speak to her about this, and the answer came to me this night. During the pre-birthday celebration at CG, I was asked to make two wishes for my birthday. But I realised what I had wished that time is not really what I wanted most of all. Today I realised the greatest gift that I want is nothing materialistic but is just a smile and "OK" from her when I tell her about it... and I will be more contented than anything esle.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


For sometime I had been thinking about how I am going to let my mum know more about Christianity. It’s always difficult to drill the correct perception of Christianity into traditional Chinese. So I started praying a few days ago that I have the opportunity to heal her, and about 2 days later which is today my mum told me that she is having a headache. She told me most likely that the headache was caused by worrying too much or common headache. Immediately, I sensed the chance to fulfil the needs for her. She started talking about moving out and having conflict with my dad. I started listening and arguing with her about how wrong her thinking was but to no avail I think. But I still see the need to heal her and to show her love. So when she was in her bed room arranging and checking her stuffs as usual. I went over and ask her how she feeling, and I said let me pray for you. She was shock for a moment and rejected the idea immediately but I insisted. She claimed my religion is different from hers and that will make her crazy. Ha but I told her I praying for her headache and she have to believe in me and she agree. She did not really believe that my laying of hand and praying for her will heal her but I can sense that she was really touched by what I did. I want her to realise that her son indeed love her very much despite the differences and he had changed for the better. Just as Pastor Kong had said before no one will turn down a healing offer. Well, now at least she gets to know my religion better and this first step to my goal.

they will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover." MARK 16:18 (NKJV)

Thursday, March 09, 2006

The ride with the durians

I heard a funny joke yesterday when I was on the bus, and it brought a big grin on my face. So here it goes...

There was a guy call Ah Hua who was travelling back from Bei Hai Dao to Penang with his girlfriend. Before he rode back on his motorcycle they bought a bag full of lurians and head towards Penang. Half way through the journey, Ah Hua heard a big bang! And he shouted to his girlfriend, "LURIANS KAH LOKS AH???!!" and his girlfriend shouted back "BO KAH LOK! BO KAH LOK!" so AH HUA thought its ok and he continued to ride. When he reached his destination, AH HUA got off the his motocycle and noticed his girlfriend was not wearing a helmet and he questioned her about the helmet. Then her girlfriend said, "I told you bo kah lok loh!"

Saturday, March 04, 2006


The tapping of rain falling on the roof of every households
The chilling wind swirled pass every obstacles
Men hiding behind doors, was able to stay warm and safe
He was feeling lazy and relax
turning on the TV only to watch boring commercials
He really need to get out of the house
He really needs motivation, to give and provides
When was the last time he shared love
Get out of this house in this midst
Find someone out there
Reach out those helping hands and lead them out of this storm

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Lesson 2

Lesson 2 of inline skate
Introducing the some of the crews of E151

Preparing for the first stunt

Don't be fool but the picture she is actually doing back sliding

We need a male lead here

We need a bullbozer too

Stuntman doing a A-frame turn

Female stuntman

Preparing for a E-break!

The director


...fect turning


My primary school life was pretty decent; I was a good boy and always did my homework. I was quiet back then, and didn't socialise with much people either. My circle of friends is that handful but we are good friends and hang around Geylang estate most of the time. Normally we guys will pay this uncle at this shop $2 per hour just to play video games. The girls would be hanging somewhere at the playground. Those were the days. Secondary 3 was the break through in my character, I mix with this group of happening guys and we are deeply bonded. I still remember the days we would hang out along Marina Square and we would sit along the riverside looking across Shear Bridge and chit chat. Still remember there was once I was almost involve in a fight with someone from the 18 gang(so called the famous society) but was neutralise by Chee Wee(The group foundation). Looking back, I think I am quite impulsive and childish haha. Well, time changes and I think a lot of things really did happen over all the years. And it kinda shaped my mind and lifestyle both good and bad. I am so much older now and maturity comes with age I guess. Lots of things that seem so important last time now appear to be insignificant. Things that were never in my priority list were now in the top few. Realisation is the key to change, and many things in my life I believe need to change. I lack knowledge in various aspect of my life because I had never dared to take risks. Life when I was young was too peaceful. A famous saying a champion is not someone who always win but just someone who never quits. Recently, I had been to an interview and it was a interesting one. Questions like "How old do you feel you are?", "What is the most common praise you heard from people" and "Describe yourself"," How do you measure success in life?". These questions really got me searching. How old do I feel I am? It doesn't really matter to me, what is important now is how much I am going to grow spiritually and in wisdom. Success? For me I think its achieving what you desire at now and look forward to the next achievement. Praises? Nowadays praises can be really hard to come by. For this question it really got me stuck for awhile. Describing myself? Well, he really did a good analysing test about me which I think its 90% correct. Now after that interview, the question is what job I should be looking for.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

The fun and contagious inline skating

Not only had inline skates created chaos in E151 but also everyone around us. A few years back I was having difficulty in finding people to go skating with me but nowadays people around me are mostly doing inline skating. Ok so inline skating is fun but besides fun inline skating actually has a caloric burn of 400 + calories per hour, strengthening of your core muscles, and improvements to your aerobic endurance.

Skating long distance
Let's say you weight 68Kg, and if you skates for a distance of 16Km for 1 and half hours you are going lose 500 calories per hour and in two hours you are going to lost 1000 calories wahahaha!
Of course two 15 mins breaks are included for the 1.5 hours skating.

If you skates for 2 0r more hours you are going to strengthen the muscle groups in the upper legs, hips, glutei, and lower back to a greater extent than a skate of only 1 hour. And there will be a noticeable improvement in your stamina and inline skating fitness level. Just increase on the distance will add a significant improve to your muscle group!

Skating twice a week and faster pace
Ok friends, let's do some calculation here. If we skate just twice a week for 1.5 hours each time you are going to burn around 1000 calories a week.

If you weight around 54Kg and going for 16Km at the speed of 19km/h you will burns 620 calories per hour, 1033 calories in around 1.5 hours, a 70+kg skater will burn around 735 calories per hour, and the 90kg skater will burn up 850 calories per hour. Increasing the distance and the speed will give a steeper curve to your calories burnt!!!

Check up if you are hunger for more information on inline skating! So if you find that you had been eating alot recently ,now put on your gears and prepare to skates more from now on wahahaha!

My favourite Marvel Superhero

When was the last time that I told someone who is my favourite superhero? Long long time ago I think. This topic suddenly strike me a few days ago when I was talking to my friend about my Blog title "Your Friendly Neighbourhood Guy". I got this inspiration from of course the super friendly AMAZING Spiderman!

Swift and flexibilty
Quick thinking and spider sense
Humble and sensible
Filial and loveable
Powerful and incredible
smart and quick reflexes
Amazing and hero